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When God Answers Your Prayer Before You Even Ask

Updated: May 30

Some people say, "God works in mysterious ways." I say, "God works in amazing ways!"

Today I was blessed with a gift from a person in my church congregation. This gift filled me with such gratitude I couldn't contain my emotions.

You see, God knew what I needed even before I prayed for God's help. This dear woman heard God speak to her heart and acted. Selflessly. She lovingly ministered to me. She held me while I cried tears of love and gratitude. Tears of thanks for her and for God. So many people are wondering where God is these days. I urge you, fellow brothers and sisters, to shine the light of Jesus for others. Show people love, regardless of who they are or where they are from. Forget about our differences and just be LOVE. There is no limit to the things God will do for us and there are no restrictions on who God uses as his vessel. If God is tugging on your heart, I pray you go boldly in your faith.

You never know how your actions will change another person's life. Amen.




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