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What's In A Lemonade Stand....

My kids wanted to run a lemonade stand today. This is normal summer practice for them since we moved into our sweet house on prime lemonade stand/garage sale real estate! Our local police officer was last years biggest customer.

I promptly ran to the store for lemonade and cups, happy to keep the kids busy outside this afternoon. The kids set up shop complete with homemade signs, gloves, and masks, ready to raise money for our local 4th of July fireworks.

Our first 2 very eager customers were our neighbors. The next was a couple from our church. People trickled in, business was slow at first but it started picking up and I noticed the majority of the people were our church family. Of course, we had more neighbors stop and random people who couldn't resist the group of sweet faces. The kids were beyond thrilled for something fun to do and to be able to contribute to a great cause.

I've seen a lot of posts recently advocating that church doesn't have to be in a building. I agree with that, of course we can worship God anywhere. We can and should worship God in our cars, in our homes, on our streets as we walk through our neighborhoods, everywhere. We miss so much when we don't attend, fellowship, and necessary God conversations.

My church is my family. They are a group of people who gather in the name of Jesus Christ to worship, learn, and grow. They are People who love without borders, people who show up when others are in need. I realized today how desperately I miss interactions with them on a weekly basis.

I realized how grateful I am for a church filled with kind, loving, and all inclusive people. We are taught how to be Jesus and how to live out our faith. Today they lived it out. My church family were ecstatic to see my children, they made generous donations, it felt so good to be near them again in conversation, even if just for a moment.

My children and I also ministered to strangers. They showed Jesus-love in conversation and bright beaming smiles.

This is what we learn when we walk through the doors of our church.

You may feel you don't need to belong to a church. I agree, we can, and should be the church outside the building! But have you considered what you are missing inside?

Romans 12:4-5 "For just as we have many members in one body and all the members do not have the same function,so we, who are many, are one body in Christ, and individually members one of another."




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