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Sacred Spaces

Updated: Apr 10

Lately, I have been feeling stuck. I haven't been able to form the words to write, the words to share. I was frustrated and defeated so I decided I was going to do something about it. I was going to take the time to listen. I have been praying, praising, and worshiping, but forgot to listen. I haven't been able to connect to God enough to hear his words of grace.

I found myself today with time on my hands. My children are at their Dad's this weekend. I had plans to listen to my christian music, do laundry, and let the spirit flow in me until the words come to my fingers, across the keyboard, and onto the blog post. Just like I have done time and time again. I tried, and found myself, once again, unable to turn my mind off. I was unable to focus on God. I found myself wondering, why am I struggling to connect with God right now? Nothing has changed, in fact, I feel happier and more content than I have in a very long time.... Then I was offered something different. I was offered a quiet space to myself, away from my home and the distractions of what needs to be cleaned....away from the noise, the dogs barking, the busy. I came into this space today and felt immediate peace. Like God set this up for me. God gave me this time to pray, and to listen to his words. God gave me sacred space and when I entered in here today I was brought to tears. I was brought to my knees. Overwhelming peace and love washed over me. I was reminded that while its not necessary, sometimes it is valuable to step out of the routine. To try something different, to give God the freedom to let the spirit move.

This post was supposed to be about finding strength in God's promises. But I am moved first, to share about sacred spaces. If you are struggling to connect with God, I want to encourage you to find a sacred space. A space where you pick up a different version of the bible than you normally do. A space that is fit for you, but is not your own. Its a place that brings you peace, comfort, safety. Its a refuge from all your responsibilities and worries. Its a place where you can hide, where only God can reach you. I encourage you to find that place, take off your shoes, and settle in to peace only God can bring.


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