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I Am Who You Say I Am

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

The other night I was retreat planing with my dear friend for a retreat we are putting on at our church in December. We often turn on music and worship before, during, and after our retreat planning time. She turned on a you tube video of "What a Beautiful Name" by Travis Cottrell with Lily Cottrell. I was rocked to my core with excitement for Jesus. I mean, I was practically jumping out of my skin. Eyes closed, hands up, just in it for Jesus. It feels so good to let go and just sing to the one who loves us most.

Today, I have my Christmas music blaring while I attempt to clean my trashed house. Jackson and I were singing along, he drawing while I folded laundry and sorted it on the table. I wasn't really paying attention to the magic that was happening. Until I realized how loudly we were both signing. Declaring together, "Oh Come Let Us Adore Him! Christ The Lord". (How fitting that is the name of the retreat I'm currently planning). The Travis Cottrell song came back in my head and God filled with my heart with the thought I'm about to share with you.

Travis sings that song with his daughter, Lily. In the video you see them sing. You see them worship. You see their hearts. You see a daughter worshiping like her parents have taught her, singing like her Dad has done for years. Similar to today, when Jackson and I were caught up in a moment of worship, and our hearts sang out for Jesus' birth. The thought occurred to me, they know what we tell them. Our dear sweet innocent children, know what we tell them. If we tell the how beautiful they are, that's who they become, same as if we are disappointed in them, they feel like a disappointment. They are who we say they are. And my dear brothers and sisters, we are who HE says we are. Don't listen to what others tell you. God knows your heart and you are beautiful, you are loved, you are forgiven and set free! You are his masterpiece.

In my house, my children find me dancing in the kitchen to my worship music. They see me with hands held high toward God, reaching, loving, looking quite crazy. It is my hope that they will one day find the freedom in worshiping God however they feel like doing it, no matter how crazy they look! I wish the same for you. There is such freedom in opening your self to God. I love the feeling of joy bursting within my heart. I have the reminder today that I so desperately needed. God is with me today and every day, no matter what.

Go in Peace today! Amen




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