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Speak Life!

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Toby Mac has a song called Speak Life. The lyrics say,

Speak life, speak life

To the deadest darkest night

Speak life, speak life

When the sun won't shine and you don't know why

Look into the eyes of the broken hearted

Watch them come alive as soon as you speak hope

You speak love, you speak

You speak life...

I was reminded at church on Sunday how powerful words can be. One of my fellow mission partners, a retired teacher, someone whom I love very dearly, grabbed me into her loving arms and spoke life directly into my ear. She told me I was a beloved child of God. She told me how much God loves me and how special I am. She spoke life into my deadest, darkest night. She asked me how I am doing not knowing the struggles I am dealing with, and she meant it. She didn't expect me to say, "I'm good". She wanted an answer. My truth. How am I? I am hungry for God. I am hungry for my friends to speak life into me. Some days I'm strong, some days I am hanging on by a thread, just like all of us. But every day I choose to seek God everywhere. Every day we are given the free gift to speak. I encourage us all to choose our words carefully. A simple, "you've got this", can pull you from the quick sand and onto solid ground. Take each moment as a chance to speak life into whomever you encounter. Be bold and speak the life of God into someone. Pray over them. Let them know you've been praying for them. Pray over your home and your children. Wake up with a grateful heart and shout praise to God. Share your stories of God's grace and mercy. Be kind,& provoke a smile. Take your Jesus light and let it shine! Think about a world where people only speak life into each other. It won't happen over night but little by little, day after day, change happens. No matter what you are going through. If you seek God, you will find God. Where there is God, there is good.




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