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Seek and Find

I had the amazing opportunity to get out of town this weekend with a friend of mine to a cabin. We traveled up our beautiful state of Wisconsin to the Northwoods. The area where bears roam and where nature speaks loudly. One morning, as my friend was fishing off the dock, he noticed a fawn nestled in the tall grass off the lake. I looked but didn't see anything. It was only when he pointed it out to me and I strained my eyes, that I saw the small deer camouflaged in the tall patch of grass. It was a beautiful sight, one that made me aware of God's creation all around me.

My untrained eye would have missed that moment, along with the peace that filled me from it. I would have gone through my day unaware of the beauty I had missed. But because of his trained eye, seeing that sweet fawn, nestled in the grass reminded me to thank God for the day. It reminded me that God is all around me. It reminded me to start the day with a grateful heart.

Have you considered all we miss out on when our eyes aren't trained to seek God? In Jeremiah 29:13, God promises "If you look for me wholeheartedly, you will find me."

We simply need to train our eyes to focus on God in every situation, good or bad...seems easy enough right? I was fortunate this weekend to have 3 whole days of nothing to do but focus my eyes on God. No responsibilities were in my way. It was in those days of constant thoughts of God and constant gratefulness for my life, that I experienced abundance in the simple life. I wished to myself that I could always feel this open connection with God.

So often we let life get in the way. Our responsibilities and stress weight us down and consume our time. I urge us all today to find ways to give time to God. Even if just a few minutes to start your day. Then gradually fill your whole day with thoughts of God. Find a devotional you like, open your bible, open your eyes to all God has for you. It is never to late to turn to God. Its never to late to seek and find.




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