• Tricia Clason - Life Resurrected

Refrigerator Massacre....

I went grocery shopping after work. I asked my beautiful children to start putting groceries away while I carried bags from the car. I carried the last bag and started making dinner without paying much attention to them. When I went to put dinner away, I opened the fridge and this is what I found.

A fridge so completely unorganized I almost screamed. My initial reaction was annoyance at my girls for doing such a haphazard job of putting groceries away. Then I thought about how hard they worked. They worked together to help me out. They stretched to places they couldn't reach. Instead of telling them what a mess they made of the fridge like I normally would have, I thanked them. And they were so proud. In this moment, I got it right. I was more Jesus and less of myself.

It took thoughtfulness to cut off my instinctual way of thinking and look through Jesus' eyes. To look at the mess my kids make with awe and wonder. I'm so grateful for the moment.




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