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One Step At A Time

I allowed my children to make slime today. I know... I regretted it immediately but we are all starting to feel cooped up. They have been doing well, though fighting is starting to happen with all 5 of us in the house ALL...THE...TIME...

My two middles, ages 8 & 10, started arguing about what would happen to the slime AFTER they were done playing with it. They hadn't even finished making it yet and the little girl had already assumed the slime-split wouldn't be fair, and she would surely be the one who got shorted.

I heard myself say to them, "let's not worry about what happens when you are done with it, let's focus on the now. Let's take this one step at a time". These were not my words. They were calm. They did not reflect the fury building up inside of me because of the heightened blood pressure slime brings me. I believe they were God's words, or at least I can imagine God saying them. It prompted me to think about our current situation.

Quarantine. A lot of us are starting to feel it. No hugs, no contact. We are bored, we are worried, we are tired of all of it. We miss people. It's scary to go to the store, it's scary to fill our cars with gas. Our calendars, once so full of activities, are bare. There is nothing to do.

It is so easy to get wrapped up in the what if's or what happens down the road. How will we get this under control? What happens if I get sick? I have a daughter with asthma....she can't get sick with a respiratory virus! It is scary. Let's consider those words to be God's words. Let's take this one step, one day at a time. Let's be thankful that today we are healthy. Let's pray without ceasing for those who are not.

Let's take this time to grow closer with God. Find ways to serve others from a distance, check in with your neighbors, be a light shining for God. Spend this time in daily prayer, with daily devotions. Bring your children along on your faith journey. Get back to those habits you had when the kids were little. Dance in the kitchen, find God in every situation. Take this time to do the things we normally don't make time for.

Do not be afraid, the Lord is with you. - Isaiah 41:10





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