• Tricia Clason - Life Resurrected

Love Others. It's that simple.

Roman's 13:10 says, "love does no wrong to others, so love fulfills the requirements of God's law." The answer to the 10 Commandments, the law of Moses, is love.

All the commandments can be summed up in this one commandment, "love your neighbor as yourself".

What does that look like?

To me, it looks like donating food to your local food pantry, it's a smile to the frustrated person in the slow moving grocery line, when your 7 year old puts her $10 Easter cash from grandma in the offering box at church, it's the breath you take to calm your frustrations, it's the kind words you speak to your spouse, or putting your debit card in the machine when the person in front of you can't find a card that will work, its asking for help when you need it.

This world is full of good people. People who love above all else. Do not lose hope. God is here.




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