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Lord, give me patience!

Summer has begun! I started working at a school in October. I love my job, it has been a huge blessing to me. One of the biggest perks is spending time with my children over summer break.

I was so hopeful for our time together. We are 1 week in and I find myself losing my temper daily.

I was blessed with quiet this morning. My husband doesn't have work to do so he's home today. I left at 7:15 am to take two of my kids to swim team practice. The pool, my happy place.

I was finally able to slow down and focus on God. The cool morning air hit my face as I closed my eyes to breathe in the spirit. I prayed. Something I've been too busy to give my time to.

I prayed the spirit would fill me, and of course, God showed up.

This is a reminder that it's never too late to reconnect with God. When you find yourself too busy, too stressed out, too whatever it may be. Take a minute. Call on God. Breathe in the spirit and find rest.




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