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Is That You Lord?

"These past few days I have been struggling with knowing how to handle some things that are weighing heavy on my heart. Back and forth I go with, should I do this, or that, or nothing at all? Then I hear myself say ' nothing good would come from doing that .' OK, what would God do?

Wasn't I listening?! He just told me....nothing good will come from that.

Many of us feel like God never speaks to us, while others can hear his voice all the time. I realized today, God had been speaking to me and I missed it by thinking I was talking to myself."

This is a story shared with me by a dear friend. Its a powerful message, and I couldn't resist the opportunity to remind us all that God speaks to each of us differently. Sometimes, its the voice in our head, it's a feeling in our heart, a song on the radio, or a verse you remember from the Bible.

We love a creative God who will never stop trying to reach us.

I pray when you hear that still, small voice, you move.





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