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I'm Not Who I Was...

I was recently at my cousin's house celebrating her daughter's birthday. It was a large party with a lot of kids. Some parents dropped their kids off, some stayed. I knew, son parents, some I didn't. When I'm put in this situation I try to practice what I tell my children; to be Jesus. To look for the people who seemingly don't know anyone and talk with them rather than chit chat with people I already know. This is especially fun for me because I love meeting new people. Often times I find connections with people I didn't even know existed. Its pretty interesting.

This rainy Saturday was no different. I sat at a table with my children scoping out the room, deciding which stranger I would approach first, and a woman sat next to me. We started talking and I soon realized we had several connections. She lives across the street from my parents and we realized shortly into the conversation, she is married to one of my high school classmates.

The next day, I friended her on Facebook and thanked her for the pleasant conversation. I was hoping her husband had good memories of me from high school. I was a typical teenager. At the age of 16 I already had life figured out and I was living it MY way. Doing whatever I wanted, not caring who I hurt along the way. His memories of me could have gone either way.. and I realized I am not who I was. And I am so grateful for it.

Somewhere along this road of life, day by day, mistake by mistake, God changed me. God used those bad decisions, those embarrassing choices, and somehow molded and shaped me into a pretty decent human being. Sometimes I look in the mirror and all I see is regret. Then I remember who I was. I remember that as Christians we are not promised an easy road. Each bump in the path brings us closer to Jesus and who God calls us to be.

Change happens so slowly and so subtly, we nearly miss it. I invite you to remember who you were. Thank God for each misstep, each mistake that got you here, to this moment, where you live for Jesus.




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