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Don't Beat Yourself Up!

Today I made a mis-step that was out of character for me. I was less of who God calls me to be. I was caught with unkind words on my tongue in a public place. My immediate thought....Regret.

My morning prayer involves asking that God would take my frustrated thoughts and words out of my mind long before they ever make it to my lips. Today I was off my routine, home with a sick daughter. My morning didn't go as planned, my prayer was never spoken. And at the store, it happened.... I was chatting away and those unkind words slipped from my head to my lips before I even knew what was coming.

I confided in a trusted friend after the ugly incident and was reminded that we are all sinners, we all make mistakes. I was invited to stop beating myself up over it and ask for forgiveness, learn from my mistake, and walk with confidence in knowing I have Jesus' love. I hopped on Facebook after that and found these words shared by a friend, and it felt like God talking directly to me...

"We are only given TODAY and never promised TOMORROW, so make sure to be kind"

Was Jesus happy with me in this moment? Likely not. I was disappointed in myself. Has God left me because of it? Absolutely not!

God still uses me. God still loves me, even after my mistakes and failures. This concept of God never leaving me is not new. In fact, the process of divorce had me thinking about it more often than not. But today, I got the reminder I needed to make it sink in. A reminder that hit it home for me.

I encourage you today, when you mis-step, don't beat yourself up over it. Instead, ask for forgiveness, learn from your mistake, and walk with confidence in knowing Jesus loves you. Amen




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