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Falling Into Jesus

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

At my church, we have special prayer and praise services. They last an hour one Sunday evening a month. Its an intimate time with candles, and fantastic worship music. It is a time where you are invited to go deeper with God. To leave your cares at the door and spend time in prayer and praise with the creator of the universe!

I love these nights, when I am able to go. Tonight I didn't want to go, I NEEDED to go. I have some major life changing events happening right now... and I mean major. I walked in to my church tonight defeated. I felt like I had been beaten up. The evil one spoke lies into me and I believed every word. I spent the day crying off and on and I knew I had to go to church.

I knew I had to fall into Jesus.

My pastor started in prayer, and I was invited to leave my junk at the door. To let go and talk to God. This is not always an easy task for me, my mind always wanders to what's next. What is going to happen this week to throw me off my axis? Are backpacks ready for school? Did the kids clean out their lunch boxes Friday....ugh I hope so!

I walked into church, sad, lonely, afraid, it was likely the lowest point I''ve ever felt. And I fell into Jesus. I cried, I told God everything I was feeling. I told God I am mad, hurt, angry and scared. Why? Why is this happening? Why can't my prayers just be answered? This isn't fair! I just wanted to scream it. The music was loud enough I could have.

Then I let go. I surrendered to God. I gave up.

I fell,into Jesus and Jesus caught me.

I fell into a God who loves me. My God is a God who forgives. I heard God say, "I'm not done yet, don't give up." (Its amazing what God says when I take the time to listen.) I was reminded that God has never let me down and God never will! I can't explain what happened, but my heart was filled with overwhelming peace and joy. It was the same peace that washed over me as I was cleaning up the filthy remains of my flooded house a year ago. It was the same peace I felt when I was sitting in the ICU with my infant daughter watching her struggle to breathe almost 10 years ago.

Then I sang my praises to God. I sang those song at the top of my lungs. I praised God for all I've been given and for the doors God will no doubt open.

The road I am on is bumpy to say the least. I know, no matter what happens, there is good. I know that God has amazing things in store for me, God has amazing things in store for you, too. We need to trust. If you haven't lately, I urge you to fall into Jesus. Let God breathe life into you. If you don't know where to start, just breathe and say his name. JESUS. Close your eyes and say it again, JESUS.

You can count on falling and God will catch you.




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