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Change Me Lord

Updated: Mar 22

I recently saw a quote that said, "God's favorite 3 letter prayer is 'Change me Lord'" It prompted me to think about how I pray. Often I come to God with a grateful heart. Grateful for everything and everyone I have in my life. Sometimes I come to God with prayers of intercession. Other times, I come to God with a list of my demands. The list of things I want or need changed in my life.

What if my prayer were, "change me, Lord. Change my thoughts, change my actions, change my direction, change my heart. Change me, to be more like you, Jesus."

I challenge you to start your day with that 3 letter prayer. Invite God in to change your heart. Allow God, beg God, to change you, to consume you from the inside out. It gives me beautiful imagery...I see myself dark inside, my heart hard as stone. Suddenly at my core, there is a small light. It is the light of God. Gradually I ask God to change me and the light grows until all darkness is gone and there is only light. Jesus light. Joy. Love.

It's a beautiful thought isn't it? To be completely changed. Are you ready?

What does this time of uncertainty look like if our prayer is, "change me Lord"? I was reminded this morning, as I sat in bed, listening to my pastor's sermon on-line instead of in person, that God can do more through me. I thought about my neighbors who are older, who might not have the technology, or know how to use it, to get on facebook to participate in the live feed my church is offering right now. I thought about the people who are sitting in their homes alone and how powerful communion is when you share it with someone. I thought about the relationships I could build if I just reach out to those people when God lays them on my heart.

Let's invite God in. Let's open our hearts and our minds to let have an encounter like never before. An encounter that we can only imagine.

Take some time. Repent your sins and invite God to overwhelm you. Close your eyes and watch what happens next.

Change me Lord.




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