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Catching Words In A Jar

Updated: May 30

Sometimes when I hear a song on my christian radio station, the words hit me like a ton of bricks. God puts these lyrics on my heart and I can't ignore them. I believe that I am meant to share them!

For over a week now the lyrics from Casting Crown's, "Nobody" keep creeping up in my mind. At first it' was a tug, a gentle reminder to think it over. But now, a week later, this song is screaming in my head! I hear it everywhere. God may be prompting me to share so here goes. The chorus goes like this...

I'm just a nobody

Trying to tell everybody All about Somebody Who saved my soul Ever since You rescued me You gave my heart a song to sing I'm living for the world to see Nobody but Jesus.

I can't pinpoint the moment in time when God grabbed a hold of me. When God became real to me. When God rescued me. Prior to that moment, I longed for proof of God's existence. I wanted to believe but there was no proof. Or so I thought. Then I was taught to change my thinking.

Yesterday in worship, we read Romans 12:1-2. There it says, "let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think." When I was searching for God, I was not a positive thinker. Anything negative that happened to me had a negative effect and it always turned into a downward spiral. I have learned to change my thinking into positive thinking. I find the good in every situation, it is always there, and God always finds me. My life is not easier because I follow Jesus, I am not perfect because I follow Jesus, but when life gets me down, God picks me up.

I find myself wanting to put these words into a jar so I can remind myself every day about how we are called to live. For the world to see, Nobody but Jesus.





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