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All For God's Beautiful Purpose

I helped my daughter with her 3rd grade math homework tonight. It should have been easy. It should have been no big deal, but it was a big deal. And it was difficult.

I forgot she even had homework, with 4 kids and the remnants of a busy weekend on the brain, homework was the last thing on my mind. She put it off as long as possible because it was math. (I can't say that I blame her, she gets her disdain for math from me!) We sat there at the table, way too close to bedtime, working through problems. She did a better job than she thought she could... I thought maybe she just needed some encouragement. Then came the problem. The one that didn't make sense. No matter how many ways I tried to explain it...I tried. Hard. I became frustrated, she became frustrated. She cried, I suggested we skip the problem. We did and the last 2 problems were easy ones for her, thank goodness.

I did not go back to the problem we skipped; the problem that reminded me of my days as an elementary student. The days when I faked my way through math class, barely getting by.

I tucked my sweet girl in as tears streamed down her face and I prayed. I prayed for words to clam her, words that would sooth her, words that would make her feel like she isn't a failure. Those words came to me straight from God and I realized they aren't just for her. They are for you and for me too.

The words spilled from my mouth as I stroked her hair and I was reminded of how good our God always is. I shared with her my struggles as a kid, I confided in her that I am still not good at math and I'm doing just fine. I'm a good mommy, I have a job I love and I am loved by many, especially by God because I'm exactly the way He created me. I reminded her that we all have different gifts and whether you are good at math or not, God loves us and I love her so so much.

It was a simple message, one I've head over and over. But tonight, as I reminded my daughter, it reminded me as well. We all have different gifts. We are all put on this Earth for God's glory. We can't all be good at math. We can't all be teachers, leaders, doctors, or lawyers. The world needs workers, leaders, and thinkers...working together for God's glory. No one person is better than another. You are made exactly the way God wants you. For His beautiful purpose.

God looks at me and you the same way I look at my beautiful daughter. In her, I see perfection amidst her imperfections. I see potential beyond measure. And I feel an unconditional love like no other.





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