• Tricia Clason - Life Resurrected

Abundant Life in a World of Chaos

Everywhere we look we are disheartened by the news. Fires, crime, chaos.,,,sometimes we are left to wonder, where is the abundant life God promised us?

I believe life is what you make of it. I believe God wants more for us. We can have it, all we have to do is follow God's lead. Look for the good, be the good. When God brings people into your life, embrace them. Have fun conversations, get to know new friends and treasure the old ones. View those people for who they are, a precious gift from God. Given to you, to bring you joy.

We make mistakes and missteps all the time. There is death and destruction, pain and brokenness, all around us. In those times, God doesn't leave us, God knows our thoughts and our actions. Nothing is a surprise to the creator of the universe. Because of God's great love for us, we can keep moving forward with our eye on the prize; the abundant life God promised us is here, this life is a gift. Among the chaos, there is good. People helping others, people supporting others, people hearing God's call to help and running to action.

As followers of Christ, we are free. We are free from sin and death. What joy the very thought brings me. Because Jesus sacrificed himself for us, because God gave us the most precious gift of eternal life, we can life without fear! We can live life in joy, in abundance. Let God be your guide. Enjoy every moment!




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