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Updated: Mar 23, 2019

I was driving home from work and noticed the snow. What used to be clean white piles of snow in a winter wonderland now looked dingy, and dirty. Then I noticed the sun....shining warm and bright, was slowly melting the snow away, the water glistened as it made its way down the gutter, pure as rain.

In that moment I was reminded that our sins are washed away daily.....

Our sins seem white at first, our temptations feel good. But soon they become dirty, weighing heavy on our hearts. Sin eats away at us and soon, our once pure heart is dirty and dingy. Every day we can start anew. God shines bright like the sun and washes away our sin, little by little. The more we trust God, the more it melts away until there is only pure glistening water, running down the path. and we are made NEW in Him.





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